Celebrating Renaissance Thinking

Who said that we needed to constraint ourselves to a limited field of study? Why not to become more complete individuals developing both, rational and experiential thinking skills? I am a firm believer that our society is losing a huge potential by undermining the importance that Art can play in the future of humanity.

The Renaissance period gave birth to a huge amount of scientific and technological breakthroughs, led by polymaths. But we have seemed to forget that, deciding that persons should be classified professionally into small boxes, and that developing our artistic skills is not important. But Art could be the key to unleash innovation. Art could be crucial in a world where machines will be able to do most of the tasks humans do today.

I am myself an engineer, with a very scientific, analytical, rational, mindset. But it comes out that I also have a very creative, intuitive, artistic, mindset. During many years I renounced professionally to my artistic side, until I decided that it was time to further develop it. This blog is about that second half.

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